Napoli Kitchen Fabric Container

Napoli Kitchen Fabric Container

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- Breathable Fabric
- Soft Fabrics
- Hypoallergenic
- Brilliant Color Quality
- Fresh & Classy Design

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Product Size: 14cm X 14cm
Type: Household Storage Containers

Adorable patterns and designs: Premium Printed Cotton Kitchen Fabric Container comes with printed linen material and gorgeous styles. These kitchen containers are handcrafted with pre-shrunk fabric to make after-wash shrinkage a myth.

Travel Friendly: The storage box comes in adorable peppy colors and designs. Loom home premium fabric containers can be used as both decoration pieces or sustainable storage bags for kitchen essentials. These kitchen containers are not only great mess collectors but also can be a great choice for adding colors that perfectly go with your kitchen aesthetics. Moreover, it is travel-friendly as you can just pack it up and start your journey.

Ultra Soft Texture: Made from pure cotton, yarn-dyed, and hardened internally for steady support. Loom Pure Fabric containers are the perfect storage solution for all small everyday essential items that need to be stored in an organized way. Aside from kitchen and bathroom uses, it is also a great option for storing toys for the kids.