Collection: Picnic Mats

Easy to Handle & Quick Dry - Loom home beach mat is especially are easy to handle mats and will make your beach trip carefree from excess by ensuring no extra cleaning or frequent washing. You can wipe off the sand and stones gently, or clean the dirt easily with a damp cloth or a wet tissue. You can machine wash or hand wash the material, it will dry quickly and the color would not fade after washing.

Always ready for including Surprise Guests- The Loom home beach mats are extra-large Picnic Mats that offer generous space to allow a large party of 4-6 people, to find a comfortable place.

Multi-functional: When you are planning for a beach trip in the summer, this could become your go-to option. You can lie on it and enjoy the have your time reminiscing over beautiful sea waves or enjoy the sunbath. When you are traveling outdoors plans then there are times when you plan something randomly. For all those random plans you can also go camping on it and spend time with your family.