Fulfilling challenging demands of the customers effectively and efficiently under tight deadlines, we lead our production working in three factories dedicated to satisfying the purpose of getting bigger, stronger, and better than ever. Our factory is housed in a sprawling 20,000 square feet area where our fabrics are dyed, designed, woven, washed & dried, quality-checked, and then packed in-house through a combination of the latest imported machinery and the expertise of the master weavers of Kannur. Furthermore, product display segment complements the entire infrastructure. Loom Textile draws on the skills of the best handloom workers available along with modern international designs to bring you the best furnishings at prices that will surprise and delight you.


Uniqueness comes through innovation, and you can experience it here with every piece of art that is a masterpiece in itself. At Loom Home Textiles, each strand of yarn comes together to form the design on the fabric. Yarn is dyed in exciting colours to create exquisite international designs. The difference in Loom Home Textiles starts when the yarn is first dyed and woven, unlike most other manufacturers who first weave plain raw fabrics and then dye or print the design later. The multiplicity of colour effects and flexibility of colour distribution in a single design is the hallmark and uniqueness of yarn-dyed fabrics. Yarn dyeing is suitable for highlighting the designs in textured fabrics with dobby patterns, thereby creating the double colour effect (Chambray) on the fabric’s surface.