Alcapone Kitchen Potholder

Alcapone Kitchen Potholder

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Product Details

- Breathable Fabric
- Soft Fabrics
- Hypoallergenic
- Brilliant Color Quality
- Fresh & Classy Design

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Product Size: 20cm X 20cm
Type: Oven Mitts & Pot Holders

Anti-slipping grip with hanging loop: The potholder provides a secure non-slip grip while handling pots or pans. Comes with a sturdy loop for easy hanging. Perfectly fit into the hands of both men and women.

Easy to handle: The high-quality, cotton potholder material is easy to clean or wash. Moreover, you can simply wash them with mild detergent and sundry them afterward. You can also utilize them as gloves.

Adorable designs and patterns: Each Pure pot holder is a work of art itself with intriguing detailing, peppy patterns, super-soft textures, and rich. We handcrafted them on the stylish and practical pattern choices to add a bling to your lovely plants!