Alcapone Kitchen Glove/Mitten

Alcapone Kitchen Glove/Mitten

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Product Details

- Breathable Fabric
- Soft Fabrics
- Hypoallergenic
- Brilliant Color Quality
- Fresh & Classy Design

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Product Size: 19cm X 30cm
Type: Gloves & Mittens

Anti-slipping grip with hanging loop: The Loom Home Kitchen Glove provides a secure non-slip grip while handling pots or pans. Comes with a sturdy loop for easy hanging. Perfectly fit into the hands of men or women.

Easy to handle: The high-quality, cotton material is easy to clean or wash. Moreover, you can simply wash them with mild detergent and sundry them afterward.

Adorable designs & patterns: Each kitchen glove/mitten is a work of art itself with intriguing detailing, peppy patterns, super-soft textures, and rich. We handcrafted them on the stylish and practical pattern choices to add a bling to your lovely plants!