Loom Home Textiles is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Textiles since 1965, offering an extensive product range including Kitchen linen, Bed linen, Curtains, Outdoor textiles, Cushions, Decorative textiles and special custom order items.

    Loom Home Textiles has built a reputation for reliability and innovation and has been consistently recognised as one of the top exporters by the Indian Government. Paying particular attention to quality and detail, Loom Home Textiles uses the most up-todate manufacturing techniques and machinery operated by experienced skilled workers. With its focus on high quality products and excellent customer service, Loom Home Textiles has established itself as the best choice in textile business.

    Geographic Location : About 100 km north of Kozhikode Air port and 150 km south of Mangalore Air port

    The company's weaving unit is located in a man-made forest consisting of Teak, Mahagony and other forest trees. The company's dyeing unit is having a well maintained waste water treatment facilities meeting all environmental norms

    Loom Home Textiles pledges to provide its customers with the highest quality products and best services. For customer's visits, a large showroom with conference area and a well maintained guest house are located on the factory ground itself


    • More than 150,000 sq.feet factory building.
    • Cheese , Cabinet and Fabric dyeing unit having capacity of more than 4000 kg per day with perfect colour matching and quality control.
    • Imported shuttle less looms coupled with traditional handlooms with weaving capacity of more than 4000 meters per day having wide variety of fabrics and madeups which includes Terry towels , wider width Bed linen and traditional Indian handloom furnishings
    • Sewing facility with more than 300 workers with imported machines which are suitable for all kind of stitching works.
    • Computerised embroidery machines


    • Excellent colour matching system and lot controlling
    • Thorough inspection after weaving and stitching
    • Steam ironing for high quality finish and Curing at 120° C for moisture avoidance
    • Well equipped export area with needle detection for all packed goods.
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