Denim Dining Table Cloth

Denim Dining Table Cloth

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- Breathable Fabric
- Soft Fabrics
- Hypoallergenic
- Brilliant Color Quality
- Fresh & Classy Design

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Product Size: 150cm X 225cm
Type: Tablecloths

Ultra-soft texture: Loom Home Premium Table cloth comes in various colorful and vibrant design options. Made from pure cotton of the highest quality, yarn-dyed, and handcrafted to perfection. This table cloth is handcrafted with pre-shrunk fabric to make after-wash shrinkage a myth.

Adorable patterns and designs: Premium table cloth comes with gorgeous patterns to add a hint of elegance to your dining table. Available in various sizes. Perfect for cleaning the cabinets or holding the utensils.

Heat Resistant: Comes with a thick material which makes Premium table cloth more resistant to heat from the utensils. Weaved patterns maximize the absorbency of soft cotton. A Premium table cloth is an excellent choice for mopping up spills and drying dishes.