I always harp about how much I love colour. My wardrobe is a burst of colors…a veritable rainbow, only with more than the seven colors! So imagine my shock when a friend visits my room and says, “Why is your room so unlike you?” I replied with, “Whatcha mean, I hand-picked everything!” And she says, “Yeah?Where is the color?” I realised, that while I had gone neutral in all my [...]

Ok, so I don’t think there is any harm in admitting I love getting pampered! Nothing can make me happier than a good spa session! Best gift to give me! Apart from the massage, foot spa, etc, it’s the whole sense of understated luxury that sends me orbiting in to blissland! The aroma candles or infusers soothe my sense of smell, while clean, smooth and knowledgeable hands work on that [...]

The Summer Colors Benchmark A beautifully carved and surprisingly preserved set of old benches has always drawn me on my morning walks. Sitting on them made me feel like I was part of some important piece of history. The other day, it occurred to me that these benches would be the perfect backdrops for our products. I have already mentioned in my previous blog on the photo shoot how the [...]

Who would have thought a product photo shoot could be so much fun, such an insane experience and bone tiring?! We planned this photo shoot a month in advance, our locations were chosen after much thought and research and shots were mentally ready. Then, everything that could go wrong did! But it all turned out better than I had imagined! Day 1 The first shot was planned in Cubbon Park, [...]

Colors speak directly to our senses and perceptions. They emit a direct physical energy as they are nature’s own powerful, non-verbal signalling system. They can change our moods in a fraction of a second. The basic contrast is between warm and cool colors. The warm colors are Reds, Browns, Yellows and shades of Orange. The cool colors are the Blues, Greens, Greys, Silver and Purple tones.

How To Get A Designer Window Treatment! We’ve spoken a lot about how to dress up a dining table, to spruce up the living room and also how to add some zing to your bedroom. One of the most important common components all these areas of your home have are the doors and windows. They need dressing up too¡ Curtains used to serve just a couple of purposes – first, [...]

How To Add A Touch of Sparkle To Your Home.Bling It On! Bling is in. No escaping it. Occasions and events require a touch of bling to bring out their import. The bling factor can extend from your personal attire and accessories to your home and more specifically to your dining table when it is a dinner or lunch!

Denim is an all-season, all-weather fabric. It’s almost like a second skin to a lot of us. While some may avoid it in summer, there is no reason you can’t introduce it into your soft furnishings at home! The Denim look in home décor is very unconventional. It is a more rustic, countryside one. It also goes very well with a minimalistic, casual but contemporary look. Used smartly, Denim goes [...]

We all love our cottons, we live in cottons and we even sleep on cottons, but how much do we know about this fascinating fabric? Read on for some interesting tit-bits about the world’s favorite natural fiber! Cotton gets its name from ‘qutun’ or ‘kutun’, an Arabic word used to describe any fine textile . In fact, this fine fabric has been aptly referred to as ‘White gold’ in eras [...]

Did you know May 25th is celebrated as Towel Day? Did you know May 25th is celebrated as Towel Day? I am serious! Apparently, it’s a dedication to author Douglas Adams in memory of his life-changing best seller ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! Chapter three describes the psychological and practical advantage of a traveller carrying a towel! Personally and in a more Indian context, the celebrity connection would be [...]