The prestigious HGH trade fair came to an end. As one of the most popular tradeshows for home décor, gifts and house ware, HGH is organized on a really large scale. I know I promised to update you on the happenings at our showing at HGH 2014 in Mumbai as it was happening but I could not have!! Loom has been inundated with orders and queries, keeping me busy and unable to post this until now.

To summarize our experience – I know what a whirlwind feels like now!!! In a nutshell, it was fantabulous.Mumbai has a fabulous energy and boy was it on display! The rains did not slow anything or anyone down one bit! Hats off Mumbai and Mumbaikars!

We landed a couple of days before the event to set up our stall at the venue. Both days, from 8 am to the wee hours of the following day, we watchedLathikaNambiar transform our stall into the now famous signature Loom display room. We all pooled in and did our bit too. Every minute detail was perfect by the time we called it a day (morning!).

Day 1: We had our trepidations that the rain would play havoc, but to our pleasant surprise, the venue saw a packed house from start to end! The footfall was amazing but what really wowed us was how many were wowed by our display and our product range! Enquiries, hundreds of vising cards exchanged hands, retail purchases, bulk orders the works!!! What a day! None of us remember breaking for a meal!

Day 2: It was a repeat of day one, no dimming of our enthusiasm and no shortage of love and appreciation coming our way! The number of interesting people I interacted with was so enriching. Another amazing day.

Day 3: A slow start and then the energy picked up! At the end of the day, packing up was a tedious task, I guess the exhaustion was catching up and the adrenaline rush was finally waning! Home sweet home with a load full of fabulous contacts, new customers and experiences!

Phew! Can’t wait for HGH 2015!!!

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