Your bedroom might be your personal favorite space. A nook somewhere might be your soul space. But, the living room is your showcase!

This is the one room ALL your guest will see and spend the most time in. It is a peek into your aesthetic inclinations. It is the room that announces, loud and clear, your class and style.

The elements that go into making this room are aplenty –the décor, the furniture the overall style, the artifacts etc.

Many such factors go into planning the ultimate look, functionality and feel of this all important room.Your living room can serve more than its obvious function. Depending on the layout of your home, this room can be a formal living room if you have enough space to have a separate family room or library. If you don’t, the living room needs to be sectioned into a living cum TV viewing room, or it needs to serve as a family room and include a table for study or board games placed somewhere for convenience.

The idea is to not weigh the room down. The ideal mix of all the various elements is crucial to create a room that is welcoming and warm. Natural lighting plays a very important role, as does white space with different textures. Just like you keep your wardrobe up to date seasonally; keeping the décor dynamic in this room gives it a lift.

Since this is a more complex room to decorate and furnish, we will be spending some time here, on the blog I mean!! We will cover topics like how to use furniture to section areas, what décor to use, what are the different styles this room can take on, the ideal lighting etc. Let us know if you want us to cover a specific aspect!

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