Everything has its own use and its own purpose to serve. It’s a deep statement I know, but it applies to the most basic of things like each of our fingers and also to stuff around the house!Each fabric has its own best use too. Why am I talking about fabrics in such poignant terms you ask? I just lost a bunch of hard-earned cash on a badly chosen fabric. The fabric was not bad. It was just wrong for the purpose I bought it for! Let me simplify this.

I was out looking at curtain materials. The curtain rods were done with the correct height etc., for basic pleated curtains with hooks. Now, the fabric I chose was a (very expensive) beautiful horizontally paneled silk one in shades of grey, maroon and a bronze. So the material was bought and the tailor took the measurements and delivered in time (hallelujah!).

I was shattered! The curtains would just not settle in! They stood out like a box! Nothing wrong with the tailoring. It was the wrong fabric to use for this type of curtain! I should have used the metal eyelets instead of hooks, made blinds, or chosen a fabric that drapes better in the pleated style! The horizontal panels and the thickness of the silk together were hindering the drape and fall of the curtain! I had to beg the tailor to open up the curtains and redo them with the eyelets and get the rods changed. Sigh.

Chose the fabric you are using very carefully after taking into account what you are using the fabric for! Table covers and sheets need softer fabrics that are malleable and bend and fall at the corners. Curtains can be in almost all materials but always ask the tailor if the fabric you have chosen is ideal for the look you want to create.Preferably, order your fabric and rods at the same shop!

So like I was saying, everything has its own use, just take the time to help it serve its purpose!

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