I was quite clueless about the different kind of bath mats and rugs available in the market! It came as a shocker when I went shopping. It reminded me of that funny coffee ad, you know, the one where someone orders a coffee and is asked caffeine or decaf? Decaf is chosen, and then he asked, milk or cream? Cream is the choice and then he is asked low fat or full fat! Low fat of course! It does not end there, no siree!! Sugar or no sugar? Umm, sugar… and will that be brown or white??? Phew! God I would need the coffee so bad at this point! Rest assured, while the options are as many, the hassle is much lesser and the whole buying a bath mat/rug business is actually fun!

A bath mat is essentially what you would place just outside the shower cubicle or step onto when you get out of the tub. It would have to be slip proof, so the underside would be made of anti-slip material while the top would have to be super absorbent. Cotton, terrycloth and bamboo make great bath mats since they are very absorbent.

The bath rug is more decorative, usually placed in front of the sink or WC. Standing on these rather than a cold floor is so much more inviting in the mornings or cool evenings. Usually made of cotton, these rugs are meant to be comfortable, durable and stylish and well, plush! You also get molded rugs which wrap around the base of the sink and WC.

Keep some things in mind when you go shopping for them:
• Get the size right.
• Check out all your options – online, at a friends’ place, at the stores.
• Get room-appropriate mats or rugs. The kid’s bathroom mats need to be more colorful, affordable (you won’t believe how fast and often you will be changing them!) and durable!
• Buy darker mats and rugs for bathrooms with more footfall.
• Buy quick drying mats and rugs to prevent mould and mildew. Flat weaves work better than pile rugs.
• Wash the rugs and mats separately; follow washing instructions.
Lastly, these mats and rugs are not too expensive a purchase, so mix and match and have fun with them.

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