If you are anything at all like me, the bathroom is the heart of your bedroom! It is the area I keep tidiest! It is also the room I love decorating. There is no great challenge in decorating a big bathroom, since space is not a concern. And if there is no budget constraint, oh my, you can go bananas!

Sadly, if you are living in an apartment, more often than not your bathroom is also the smallest room in the house! I have small bathrooms, and getting everything I want in, and making it look beautiful too was a challenge!

I like my nick-knacks and my little nooks and crannies to store these nick-knacks! In a small bathroom, given the space constraints, decorating and storage are a big issue! Here is what I did with stunning results, and by the way these work very well, irrespective of the size of the bathroom!

Use Quality Essentials

However big or small your bath area is, invest in quality fittings and sanitary ware. No compromising on these. The rest have to fit in around these essentials!

Use Mirrors Smartly

Try to place the mirror on the wall that is perpendicular to the length of the room! This way, you will add the illusion of more length.

Use Smart Lighting

Low light can make a room look smaller, while brighter lights can make the room look bigger. Try to use bathroom friendly materials in light fittings like plastic and glass which can tolerate the humidity better. A window can add to this sense of space and light.

Use Colors Not Walls

Divide the bathroom by using different colors rather than walls, cabinets etc. A different color for the shower area floor, white sanitary ware and a different color for the wall, for example, will visually expand your space. The colors need to complement each other of course and avoid very dark colors.

Use Wall Fittings Liberally

Big or small, why waste space and make cleaning the bathroom more difficult than it already is? With all your fittings on the wall – your dispensers, holders, etc., can stay off the surfaces and make them that much easier to keep clean and dry.

Use the Walls

A small bathroom does not mean a drab bathroom! Go crazy with textures and tiles and mosaics for the walls…just keep it light and not too heavy. Doing up the walls adds a touch of drama to the space and also lifts its overall look.

Use Racks and Hooks

Wall mounted towel racks and shelves for storage above doors and windows are a great way to save space. Behind the door hooks and hangers are also necessities. Not all bathrooms have space to build cabinets, but luckily there are amazing space saving options available in the market!

Use Finer Touches

The icing on the cake is of course to stock up on quality bath towels, napkins, mats, slippers etc. Add color and style via these finer details and voila! Your bathroom is ready for even the most finicky of users!

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