What is the one room you are most fussy about in your home or when you stay in a hotel or serviced apartment? It is the bathroom for me! It does not matter if the bedroom is small and the mattress springy and the pillow lumpy, as long as the bathroom is clean and inviting and yes, even well stocked! I do my thinking here, I have cracked most candy crush levels here and this is where I zone out, under a hot shower! So you get the drift right? I love a good bathroom!

I remember vividly, my maternal grandma would lay out all the essentials like paste, soap, powder, and shampoo in a small basket whenever any of us travelled to meet them. Those were kind of taken for granted! What has remained is the fact that she would lay out matching towel and napkin sets for each of us, bathrobes, a cute plastic holder that over the years became a fabric holder and a fluffy bathroom mat!

It was not essential for her to do this. And this is a self-educated lady, by the way! I mean until then I didn’t realize we could match napkins and towels! But I distinctively remember, that part of the excitement of going for a visit as a child was to be given my own set of toiletries and bathroom accessories!

My mom followed in my granny’s footsteps and years later, I do the same! I love shopping for the home and especially the bathroom. Buying things to match each bathroom is one of life’s pleasures. And when guests comment on how organized I am, that they don’t need to ask for anything and how much they appreciate my effort in making their stay (especially in the bathroom) comfortable, I bask in the compliment and thank my grandma! Now, I do the same for her when she visits, and she always makes a comment on how much more variety in terms of items and options are available in towels, holders, bath mats shower mats etc.

So I took her shopping under the pretext of helping me do up a bathroom! We drew up quite a bill, but the glee on her face was priceless and so worth it!

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