I know we have already touched on this topic briefly, but I have a new angle on the vast topic of bed sheets!

I was introduced to the wonders of the fitted sheet on a trip abroad a few years ago. There has been no going back since! I have always found it difficult to get them in India, and on the rare chance I did find it, the size was all wrong.

A fitted sheet is also known as the bottom sheet. It is the sheet that covers the mattress, but stands apart from a regular sheet because of the elastic on the four corners of the sheet. The elastic actually helps keep the sheet in place for a tight tuck. While a regular sheet can stay in place when tucked in correctly, these fitted sheets are just more convenient. Sold as singles or as part of a set, fitted sheets come in all sizes – from single to super king sizes.

However, the common mistake we all make when buying sheets is that we forget to take into consideration the thickness of the mattress. There has to be enough of the sheet to tuck in under the mattress on all sides, so calculate the sheet size depending on whether you have a 6” or 12” mattress. Thicker mattresses require what we call deep pocket sheets.

Even today, I can’t find too many stores in India making all sizes of fitted sheets! Thank god some stores customize these sheets! Available in all colors and textures, fitted sheets make the bed look so neat and inviting! Remember to buy cotton or linen sheets as they feel great and are more durable!

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