There’s a whole vast world of napkins out there! No shame in admitting I had no clue and now I am the wiser and a whole lot lighter in the wallet! Sigh.

There are all kinds of napkins in all kinds of sizes, colors, and textures! And different napkin sizes are specifically designed for different uses! The history of napkins apparently dates back to 1384 AD, when the Spartans used slices of bread to wipe their hands!! I sure hope they didn’t eat them too! It is the ancient Romans who used cloth napkins called ‘mappa’. Guests were expected to bring their own napkins and take left over food in them! Today, personal use napkins are usually made of cotton or linen.

Some napkins are purely for personal hygiene, some for dining table décor and others are part of our cleaning supplies. You know that saying, the gist of which is that you only miss something when it is not around? That perfectly describes a napkin! Here is a glimpse into the fascinating world of personal use napkins!

Table Napkins
Which napkin you select for your table depends on the formality of the occasion – from basic and functional to decorative and formal. Whites would be the basic, and textured, monogrammed and embroidered ones would be classified as formal napkins. Sizes can range from 12”x12” (cocktail napkin) to 20”x20” (dinner napkin).

Spa Napkins/Bathroom Napkins
These are ultra-soft, with a great thread count and woven just right. They feel luxurious to the skin, which is a must for napkins that are touching our sensitive and precious faces! They come in such fascinating colors! And these are the divine variety I invested in! Check out the image for what I mean! Such a happy image! From small, square face napkins to the rectangular 16”x 28” hand napkins, the spa range are the fluffiest of the lot! Ideal for personal bath use too!

Kitchen Napkins
We all know how handicapped we feel without one within grabbing distance! Made of thinner cotton and much less fluffy, these are durable, easy to wash and dry and come in handy sizes and prints. Pick the ones with the most absorbency!

Some things to remember when buying napkins – make sure they are absorbent, color fast, machine washable and durable!

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