There are all kinds of bedrooms…coz there are all kind of people with different tastes. Many people would like to achieve a look they might have seen, I don’t mean the generic hotel rooms, no matter how nicely they are done up! A room at a friends’, or from a magazine is what I am alluding to! A rich looking, stylish room that spells understated luxury is one such room.

Here are a few tricks to achieving that look:
• Keep the room clean. I don’t just mean unclutter, I mean keep the lines clean, the look, clean and not overdone. A minimalistic feel, but where each item in the room shouts class.
• Pick signature pieces to decorate with. Either one item that draws attention or a host of little pieces strategically placed to draw attention to a detail in the room. For example if you have chosen a really expensive wall paper for a wall, draw attention to it either with the lighting or with a well-placed decorative piece.
• Ensure the interiors are not too flashy and are more classic. While a very elaborately carved bed or side tables might look good, keep in mind that a lot of wood work can make a room look heavy.
• Colors can add to or subtract from the overall look you are trying to achieve. Imagine a room which has used a tiffany lamp, a classy jute woven wall paper, has an antique rocking chair in a nook and suddenly you have chosen to add color to one wall and you choose a tacky red! So be very careful but not too safe or dull! In the example I cited, a rich maroon or rust would look way better than a fire engine red! Choose a color palette that is muted not loud.
• All lie in the detailing Your soft furnishings and linens close the deal. So make sure your curtains and bed linens are befitting of the room! This is one area of the room that can be changed around often to look different while retaining the luxury feel. Invest in good cotton sheets, duvet covers, cushion and pillow covers. Pick a set with fine enhancements like a subtle gold weave or an embroidered motif. I chose the lovely brown with gold threads woven in you see in the image…it looks sooo good with my wooden floors!
These are just guidelines but like all things style and fashion related, it’s subjective. If you get the rich, classy vibe you were aiming for when you walk into the room, you have achieved your goal! Inanimate objects have a vibe too. Just be willing to receive and be guided by it!

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