The prestigious HGH trade fair came to an end. As one of the most popular tradeshows for home décor, gifts and house ware, HGH is organized on a really large scale. I know I promised to update you on the happenings at our showing at HGH 2014 in Mumbai as it was happening but I could not have!! Loom has been inundated with orders and queries, keeping me busy and [...]

In less than a year Loom has grown from its nascent baby steps in Bangalore to participating in trade fairs internationally and nationally! Early this year, we participated in the Index, DWTC. This event was held at the Dubai World Trade Center between 19th and 22nd May. We had a very successful showing there and garnered a lot of inquiries from across the globe. It was a fabulous platform to [...]

Your bedroom might be your personal favorite space. A nook somewhere might be your soul space. But, the living room is your showcase! This is the one room ALL your guest will see and spend the most time in. It is a peek into your aesthetic inclinations. It is the room that announces, loud and clear, your class and style.

Everything has its own use and its own purpose to serve. It’s a deep statement I know, but it applies to the most basic of things like each of our fingers and also to stuff around the house!Each fabric has its own best use too. Why am I talking about fabrics in such poignant terms you ask? I just lost a bunch of hard-earned cash on a badly chosen fabric. [...]

I was quite clueless about the different kind of bath mats and rugs available in the market! It came as a shocker when I went shopping. It reminded me of that funny coffee ad, you know, the one where someone orders a coffee and is asked caffeine or decaf? Decaf is chosen, and then he asked, milk or cream? Cream is the choice and then he is asked low fat [...]

If you are anything at all like me, the bathroom is the heart of your bedroom! It is the area I keep tidiest! It is also the room I love decorating. There is no great challenge in decorating a big bathroom, since space is not a concern. And if there is no budget constraint, oh my, you can go bananas! Sadly, if you are living in an apartment, more often [...]

What is the one room you are most fussy about in your home or when you stay in a hotel or serviced apartment? It is the bathroom for me! It does not matter if the bedroom is small and the mattress springy and the pillow lumpy, as long as the bathroom is clean and inviting and yes, even well stocked! I do my thinking here, I have cracked most candy [...]

I know we have already touched on this topic briefly, but I have a new angle on the vast topic of bed sheets! I was introduced to the wonders of the fitted sheet on a trip abroad a few years ago. There has been no going back since! I have always found it difficult to get them in India, and on the rare chance I did find it, the size [...]

There’s a whole vast world of napkins out there! No shame in admitting I had no clue and now I am the wiser and a whole lot lighter in the wallet! Sigh. There are all kinds of napkins in all kinds of sizes, colors, and textures! And different napkin sizes are specifically designed for different uses! The history of napkins apparently dates back to 1384 AD, when the Spartans used [...]

There are all kinds of bedrooms…coz there are all kind of people with different tastes. Many people would like to achieve a look they might have seen, I don’t mean the generic hotel rooms, no matter how nicely they are done up! A room at a friends’, or from a magazine is what I am alluding to! A rich looking, stylish room that spells understated luxury is one such room. [...]